Naming Names

The nuances of writing about rivers while preserving self-interest. [by Scott Sadil] I CALL THE…

The Other Fish

New Zealand’s lesser-known fly fishing opportunity. [by Miles Nolte] THE WIDE, DARK FIGURE—roughly the size…

Bowing Down

Fishing, like marriage, is first and foremost an act of faith. [by Miles Nolte] Faith…

Water in the Desert

Not all trout rivers are in decline. [by Miles Nolte] I FOUND THE ARKANSAS RIVER…

Navigating the North Island

New Zealand’s north island shudders with cold, clear, fresh water. Anglers like myself who have…

Dispatch from the North Island of New Zealand

Tongariro Lodge, After the Storm [by Miles Nolte]

The Great Unconformity

Swimming with suckers in the Grand Canyon. [by Miles Nolte]

Fishermen Hate People

Except the ones we love. [by Miles Nolte]

Quality in Paradise

Zen and the art of blue trevallies. [by Miles Nolte]

Where the Rivers Flow Backwards

An education in Patagonian geology and far-south trout. [by Miles Nolte]

She Only Tried to Kill Me Twice

Falling in love with a river.  [by Miles Nolte]

South Fork Gamble

Playing the odds in Idaho. [by Miles Nolte]