Gray’s Best Awards 2015

SHOOTING: Weatherby SA-08 28-Gauge Semiauto

The last few years have seen a tremendous increase in interest in the 28 gauge, for a number of good reasons. Recoil is light, as are ammunition and the guns themselves. Put a modified choke in a 28 gauge and place your pattern where it belongs, and it’s deadly out of all proportion to its size. The only drawback is that there simply aren’t enough 28s out there. Good ones are expensive, and who wants a poor one? Weatherby solves that problem with a newly redesigned semiauto tailored specifically to the 28 gauge. This isn’t a 28 on a 20-gauge frame, but a genuine 28 in every respect, giving the advantages in swing and balance of a 28-inch barrel without sacrificing lightness. And it has undergone a complete internal reworking to ensure reliability even with light-recoiling 28-gauge loads. Weatherby and other manufacturers have offered semiauto shotguns for years, but only recently has the semiauto really come of age, combining lightness, balance, and dependability with the low-price advantages of mass production. At $849, the Weatherby SA-08 28 puts a 28-gauge within reach of anyone. It makes an excellent second gun, a gun for the kids, or simply a gun to play with because you’ve always wanted a 28.