Gray’s Best Awards 2015

GraysBest_SciAnglers ANGLING: Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Fly Line

Novice fly fishers often ask me what gear to buy and how much money they need to spend. I give different suggestions depending on where people live and what type of fishing they do, but one piece of advice is consistent: Never skimp on your fly line. Last year, Scientific Anglers released the Sharkwave series ($100), replacing its Sharkskin lines from several years ago. While many anglers were extremely impressed with the Sharkskin’s casting, mending, and flotation properties, its abrasive texture left us with finger burns, and it was loud (and some say distracting) to cast. A few years later, SA released the Mastery Textured series, which was less abrasive than the Sharkskin but not quite so buoyant. Sharkwave incorporates the best of both, with the front taper made of Sharkskin and the rest of the line being Mastery Textured or smooth. The result is a head that floats high and picks up easily without tearing up your fingers. Additionally, the line is color coded so you can see where the rear taper ends and the running line begins. Though the term Sharkwave sounds like something from a cable-TV disaster-thon, this fly line is fantastic.