Guns ‘n’ Roses

In Alberta, shooting snows, specklebellies, and Canadas over the same decoy spread is not unusual.

10 Below

Genuine minus-zero degrees. Ice develops anywhere moisture clings or sits — except where warm springs…

The High Saddle

A dall drama in three acts. [by Terry Weiland] ACT ONE: MAN VERSUS NATURE Alaska’s…

The Undeath of Trapshooting

Trap lives on, and for good reason. [by Terry Wieland] THERE WAS A TIME, 20…

Let it Slide

Why the American pump gun keeps going and going and going and going. [by Terry…

Black Forest Baroque

Die Meisterjäger von Laubach. [by Terry Wieland]

James Woodward and the Vertical Double

The enduring influence of the gunmaker’s gunmaker. [by Terry Wieland]

More for Less. Finally.

The Blaser F16 is a promise fulfilled. [by Terry Wieland]

Sweet Sixteen Revisited

The perils of Pauline have nothing on the old 16. [by Terry Wieland]

The Genius of Spokane

THE PIRSUIT OF PERFECTION IS NO EASY TASK. First, it requires the knowledge of what…


Dogs sleep, friends leave, and stars turn in the desert sky. [by Ron Dungan]