The Kindness of Strangers

Back in 1985, I went into my favorite gunshop in downtown Toronto — there were…


Fifteen years ago, I was offered the chance to buy an ancient Winchester 1886 for…

Guns ‘n’ Roses

In Alberta, shooting snows, specklebellies, and Canadas over the same decoy spread is not unusual.

10 Below

Genuine minus-zero degrees. Ice develops anywhere moisture clings or sits — except where warm springs…

The High Saddle

A dall drama in three acts. [by Terry Weiland] ACT ONE: MAN VERSUS NATURE Alaska’s…

The Undeath of Trapshooting

Trap lives on, and for good reason. [by Terry Wieland] THERE WAS A TIME, 20…

Let it Slide

Why the American pump gun keeps going and going and going and going. [by Terry…

Black Forest Baroque

Die Meisterjäger von Laubach. [by Terry Wieland]

James Woodward and the Vertical Double

The enduring influence of the gunmaker’s gunmaker. [by Terry Wieland]

More for Less. Finally.

The Blaser F16 is a promise fulfilled. [by Terry Wieland]

Sweet Sixteen Revisited

The perils of Pauline have nothing on the old 16. [by Terry Wieland]