Elk Hunting With David Petersen

A new documentary film on traditional archer David Petersen takes viewers on a fascinating journey…

2016 Sitka Gear Photo Contest

The annual Sitka Gear “DIVERGE Photo Contest” gets underway September 1, offering daily prizes for…

Still-Hunting, R.I.P.

A noble art, slipping away. [by Terry Wieland]

Remembrance of Rifles Past

Wherein a sweptback bolt becomes an insomniac’s grand pursuit. [by Rusty Ward]

David Hagerbaumer

Game birds on the wing, in a way we’ll never see again. [by Brooke Chilvers]

The Art of Stillness

Lessons from the hunt on living and dying. [by Nels Christensen]

The Bell Project

Two hunter-philosophers honor the rifle of a great elephant hunter. [by Peter Ryan & Roger…

Round Up for Conservation [First Lite]

Idaho-based hunting apparel company First Lite launches innovative purchasing campaign to conserve wildlife habitat.

Gray’s Best Awards 2014

Given the bewildering array of magnificent sporting equipment available today, what does best really mean? We think…

Expeditions: Fifty-Inch Minimum

The words “unmitigated disaster” spring to mind.

Colorado Public-Lands Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant Hunting Colorado from Colorado Parks & Wildlife on Vimeo.


The Gray’s Poem by Richard Yatzeck Curse and confound us for clock watchers and cash…