Legendary Professional Hunters I Have Known

I already had a boyfriend—maybe three—when I met Rudy Lubin at a caviar dinner at…

Fitness for Bowhunting

Bowhunting season is almost upon us and, although I eschewed bows and arrows many years…

Tom McIntyre and Thunder Without Rain

On November 3, 2022, Tom McIntyre’s overworked heart shut down while he slept, depriving his…

Hunting As Writ

Like Robert Ruark’s hero, Alec Barr, in The Honey Badger, who “knew he had them,…

The Art of Stillness

Lessons from the hunt on living and dying. [by Nels Christensen]

Still-Hunting, R.I.P.

CLARE IRWIN WAS THE MOST AT HOME in the woods of any man I’ve ever…

Remembrance of Rifles Past

Wherein a sweptback bolt becomes an insomniac’s grand pursuit. [by Rusty Ward]

David Hagerbaumer

Game birds on the wing, in a way we’ll never see again. [by Brooke Chilvers]