Gray’s Best Awards 2016

Acrylic painting of camper

SHOOTING: Mauser M98—“The Original”

mauser m-98The Mauser 98 is back, produced by Mauser for the first time in 75 years. The first ones to arrive in the United States are built on the legendary magnum action, with square bridge and receiver ring, chambered in .375 H&H and .416 Rigby. This is the first commercial Mauser 98 actually produced by Mauser since 1939, and as such is an event of the first magnitude in the rifle world. But that’s not why we’re giving the rifle a GRAY’S BEST. This truly is an exceptional rifle. Mauser has blended features from the commercial Oberndorf Mausers with the styling of the vintage Rigby dangerous-game rifles, plus a few favorite features of modern custom rifles. It has a Model 70-style wing safety, stock design drawing on both the Rigby magnum and American classic, express sights, and integral detachable scope mounts, all done in matte blue and oiled walnut. All this adds up to a rifle worthy of the Mauser name. Functionally, the new Mauser 98 is everything you would expect: It feeds, extracts, and ejects effortlessly, the trigger is superb, and our .375 H&H devoured all the factory ammunition we tried, delivering sub-MOA accuracy with premium factory hunting loads. Mauser assures us this rifle is just the beginning, and it’s planning to produce all the major Mauser actions of old, including the standard length, short (kurz), and possibly the light mountain G33/40, both with and without square bridges.