Gray’s Best Awards 2016

Acrylic painting of camper

ANGLING: Fishpond Sushi Roll

sushi rollI am fortunate to be the faculty advisor for the Montana State University Fly Fishing Club. At this year’s first meeting of the “Bozo Trout Bums,” all the new members had to introduce themselves and describe either what technique they wanted to learn or what fish they wanted to catch. Almost everyone in the room said they wanted to catch a large trout on a streamer or get better at streamer fishing. Fishing big streamers has become the hot new technique in trout fly fishing over the past few years. Regardless of how you feel about the aesthetics of casting six inches of feathers and fur topped with a cone-head, it’s an effective way to target large trout at certain times of the year. Fishpond now offers a fly carrier called the Sushi Roll ($30) that is specifically designed for big streamer patterns. This isn’t a fly box; it’s a whole new way to keep those minnow imitations organized and prevent them from rusting. Big flies tend to trap a lot of water, and if you put them in a traditional fly box without fully drying, you’ll end up with a box full of oxidized hooks. The Sushi Roll solves that problem while also keeping your bulkiest flies from smashing together.