Life in a Bowl of Gravy

From rock doves to whitetails, a man couldn’t go no better. [by Rusty Ward] THE…

A Bodyguard of Lies

If the locals call them “partridge,” don’t believe a word. [by Terry Wieland]

The Secret Santee

Ghosts walk and ducks fly where a great but little-known river seeks the sea. [by…

Wild Country, Wilder Birds

Hunting sharptails on the Crow Reservation. [by Terry Wieland]

Blurred Memories

Duck hunting in Virginia, with Cajun seasonings. [by Jim Mize]

The Grouse in My Head

“Hunting is not fiction, but it happens in the mind.” —Datus C. Proper, Pheasants of…

The Bird Familiar

In pursuit of a distant drumming. [by Reid Bryant]

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

A wingshooter looks back at 70 years of snapshots. [by Roger Pinckney]

Purloined Pheasants

Wherein sins are committed, and culinary atoned for. [By Robert DeMott]

Almost All of ‘Em

Try hunting the upland bird that lives above the goats and sheep. [By Worth Mathewson]

A Festival of Riches

How to become a child again, with examples. [By Reid Bryant, Photography by Brian Grossenbacher]