The Secret Santee

Ghosts walk and ducks fly where a great but little-known river seeks the sea. [by…

Wild Country, Wilder Birds

  Hunting sharptails on the Crow Reservation. by Terry Wieland

Blurred Memories

Duck hunting in Virginia, with Cajun seasonings. [by Jim Mize]

The Grouse in My Head

“Hunting is not fiction, but it happens in the mind.” —Datus C. Proper, Pheasants of…


THE RAIN HAS STOPPED. The gray, drizzly winters have turned blue, warm, and bright. Walls…

The Bird Familiar

If you peel back the layers of North American bird hunting to expose its core, you…

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

A wingshooter looks back at 70 years of snapshots. [by Roger Pinckney]

Purloined Pheasants

Wherein sins are committed, and culinary atoned for. [By Robert DeMott]

Almost All of ‘Em

Try hunting the upland bird that lives above the goats and sheep. [By Worth Mathewson]

A Festival of Riches

How to become a child again, with examples. [By Reid Bryant, Photography by Brian Grossenbacher]

The Grouse Gun

Ruffed grouse are the most elusive and contradictory of birds, the most fascinating to the…