Fly Fishing

The Labrador Effect

When your home is thousands of miles from home. [by John Gierach]

My Buddy’s Fishing Hole

Where to find it, how to fish it, and why. | A Gray’s Sporting Journal Yarnspin.…

Fishing with the Professor

If you can’t be Izaak Walton, you can at least become one. [by Ron McFarland]

Where I Wanted to Be

The call of the wild Quebec pike—also glacé, vers, and bière. [By Frederick Prince]

Pineapple Express

A different take on bonefishing in the Hawaiian islands. [By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.]

Les Truites Roses

Wherein we learn that it’s better to see than be one. [by Joseph Heywood]

Trevally Ripped Our Flesh

On Christmas Island, desperation became the mother of invention. [By Richard Chiappone]

The Velvet Handshake

If you can’t handle steelheading at its worst, you don’t deserve it at its best.…

A Town Without Soup

Recounting fifteen years of fly fishing in Castro’s Cuba [Story by David Profumo. Photography by…

Winter Birds Don’t Sing

And the unsinkable Parachute Adams does not necessarily float. [by Erin Block]

Fishing the Earthquake

To Patagonia for love, for chinook, for the terremoto. [by Toby Thompson ]


A Treatyse on Fysshynge like the Bad Boys we used to Be. [by Trigg White]