Fly Fishing

The State Fish


Reading the Water

The rivers of Kulik will tell you what is and what is to come. [by…

Some Thoughts on Guiding

Like fishing, but with the chance to look up. [by Andrew Griffiths] AFTER STEPPING DOWN…

Home Waters

With multiple personalities and great dry fly fishing, the Henrys Fork helps maintain family ties.…

Net Gains

Gambling on the Miramichi with Shady Ladies, Green Machines, and wizards. [by Robert Sohrweide]

Eat or Be Eaten

Sparring with the food chain at Alphonse Atoll. [by Tosh Brown]

The Guiding Principles

I’m just here to catch people fish. [by Lisa Teberg-Johnson]

The Way It Should Have Been

The story of one great fish, and a thousand adequate casts. [article by John Gierach…

Liar’s Code

Fishing and hunting the hallways of Bishop Duffy High. [by Richard Chiappone]


A leg in a boot, soccer on the brain, a trout on the line, and…

Confessions of a Spit Rat

Angling Alaska on hope, dreams, and condiments pilfered from the Safeway. [by Dave Zoby]


In fishing, as in life, it matters less where you are than what you are…