Fly Fishing

Net Gains

Gambling on the Miramichi with Shady Ladies, Green Machines, and wizards. [by Robert Sohrweide]

Eat or Be Eaten

Sparring with the food chain at Alphonse Atoll. [by Tosh Brown]

The Guiding Principles

I’m just here to catch people fish. [by Lisa Teberg-Johnson]

The Way It Should Have Been

The story of one great fish, and a thousand adequate casts. [article by John Gierach…

Liar’s Code

Fishing and hunting the hallways of Bishop Duffy High. [by Richard Chiappone]


A leg in a boot, soccer on the brain, a trout on the line, and…

Confessions of a Spit Rat

Angling Alaska on hope, dreams, and condiments pilfered from the Safeway. [by Dave Zoby]


In fishing, as in life, it matters less where you are than what you are…

The Labrador Effect

When your home is thousands of miles from home. [by John Gierach]

My Buddy’s Fishing Hole

Where to find it, how to fish it, and why. | A Gray’s Sporting Journal Yarnspin.…

Fishing with the Professor

If you can’t be Izaak Walton, you can at least become one. [by Ron McFarland]

Where I Wanted to Be

The call of the wild Quebec pike—also glacé, vers, and bière. [By Frederick Prince]