Tributaries – Full Film

“Though the course may change some times, rivers always reach the sea” – Robert Plant…



Who Will Tie My Knots?

The fish wait for him, and I will wait until they know a part of…

Liar’s Code

BEING FISHERMEN, my friends and I were all great liars. We fibbed about the monster…

My Buddy’s Fishing Hole

Where to find it, how to fish it, and why. | A Gray’s Sporting Journal Yarnspin.…

Winter Birds Don’t Sing

And the unsinkable Parachute Adams does not necessarily float. [by Erin Block]

Fishing the Earthquake

To Patagonia for love, for chinook, for the terremoto. [by Toby Thompson ]


A Treatyse on Fysshynge like the Bad Boys we used to Be. [by Trigg White]

Trout Fire

In the cold January air, I smell wood fire. I’m wading a small river…  [by Gary…