In This Issue – 2017 November/December

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Volume 42, Issue 5


Journal: Gift from a Trader
Relationships set the standards for what we define as precious.
by Russ Lumpkin 

Last Day of the Season
Blessed, on the frayed southeastern fringe of the Mississippi Flyway.
by Miles Powell Jr.

Empty Redd
Finding release in the Holy Church of the Brook Trout.
by Todd Davis 

Two Short of a Limit
Give something back to the sea, and she will return the favor.
by Mark I. Robbins 

Judgment Day
How a sportsman rides out a hurricane—and sees beyond it.
by Roger Pinckney & Peter Ryan

Middle Ground
When options dwindle to one, plunge in feet first.
by Scott Sadil 


Landing Zone
by Matt McCormick

by Brian Grossenbacher

by Chip Laughton

Snow Day
by David Cannon


  • Yarnspin: Net Gains
    Gambling on the Miramichi with Shady Ladies, Green Machines, and wizards.
    by Robert Sohrweide
  • Traditions: Shooting the Salt-water Coot
    by Hebert Gardner Edited by Will Ryan
  • Shooting: The Anarchist in Solitude
    Random thoughts of an anti-organizational man.
    by Terry Wieland
  • Angling:My Favorite Depression
    Deer, trout, and the trouble with skipping work.
    by Miles Nolte
  • Art: David Maass
    The art of bringing wildfowl imagery to millions.
    by Brooke Chilvers
  • Eating: Terrines
    The perfect holiday food.
    by Martin Mallet
  • Expeditions: The Total Eclipse
    The Eclipse delivers a fly-fishing reunion to remember.
    by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
  • Books: Angling Matters
    by Christopher Camuto

Poem: Four Habitats
by Timothy Murphy

People, Places, and Equipment

The Listing

FRONT COVER: Magic Time, an original oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches, by Rod Crossman

Inside Front Cover: “Perfect,” A photograph by Chip Laughton.