In This Issue – 2017 September/October

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Volume 42, Issue 4


Journal: Experience
Nothing feels better than blood on blood.
by Russ Lumpkin

Not My Kudu
There is no solace for a hunter who wounds and does not recover the animal.
by Will Smart

The Ethics of Blood
Weighing moral gravitas against that feeling when a deer steps out of the fog.
by Rusty Ward

Flesh and Bones
Stalking pronghorn in their safe space.
by Miles Nolte

The Two Bears
Natural resource appropriation, with a smile.
by Kurt Cox

Midlife Elk
Perhaps a life well lived needs no more years than are offered.
by Jimmy Lewis


Mule Mountain
by Mike Barlow

The Highlands
by Dušan Smetana

Hooked on Tuna
by Sean Landsman

Bowhunting Montana
by Matt McCormick


  • Traditions: Hunting in the Arctic, Part III
    by R. E. Snow Edited by Will Ryan
  • Shooting: Black Forest Baroque
    Die Meisterjäger von Laubach.
    by Terry Wieland
  • Angling: The Great Unconformity
    Swimming with suckers in the Grand Canyon.
    by Miles Nolte
  • Art: Sir Edwin Landseer
    The glory and agony of Queen Victoria’s patronage.
    by Brooke Chilvers
  • Eating: Home-Cooked Chinese
    A different sort of comfort food.
    by Martin Mallet
  • Expeditions: Whitetails the Old Way
    Where actual hunting and atmosphere are (almost) everything.
    by Terry Wieland
  • Books: Other Worlds
    by Christopher Camuto
  • Poem: Shooting Light: For Gary Cook
    by John Quinn
  • People, Places, and Equipment
  • The Listing


FRONT COVER: All Fired Up, an original oil on panel, 30 x 40 inches, by Ralph Oberg. Courtesy of Paderewski Fine Art, Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Inside Front Cover: “Bring to a Boil,” a photograph by Brian Grossenbacher