For more than 20 years, MONTANA WATCH COMPANY has been creating unique American timepieces from its storefront in Livingston for a clientele that appreciates timekeeping as an art form. Owner and founder Jeffrey Nashan began his career in horology by restoring vintage watches, a passion that ultimately led him down the path of designing and manufacturing unique heirloom-quality pieces of his own. Inspired by the works of early American watchmakers who dominated the field during the halcyon days of stylish timekeeping, Nashan combines the time-honored practices of yesteryear with the latest technology to create masterpieces that are both gorgeous and highly functional. In the Highline Aviator–EF Trout ($26,960), pictured here, you’ll enjoy a stainless steel case with elaborate deep-relief Russian scroll engraving, a winding crown in 14-karat gold, blue Breguet-style hands protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a handengraved trout with 12 bezel-set sapphires. As with all Montana watches, the Highline Aviator is guaranteed to rate plus or minus 6 seconds per day and is able to maintain a 40-hour power reserve at full wind. It’s a stunning piece of Americanmade craftsmanship that is sure to be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come. To explore a gallery of available options or set an appointment to discuss a custom piece, visit

If you’re looking to delicately present dry flies to rising trout on small-to-midsize streams—and, really, who among us isn’t?—then look no further than the Pure ($875) from iconic Montana rod manufacturer R.L. WINSTON, which recently added three 10-foot models to its series designed for very technical water when greater line control is needed. In true Winston fashion, the finely tuned Pure comes with a flawless finish, perfectly aligned guides, and all the meticulous little touches we’ve come to expect from this exceptional rod maker. It is available in weights 2 through 5 with lengths down to 5 feet 9 inches, and all are lightweight, smooth, and feature extraordinary loop control. But the Pure truly shines in models of 8 feet or longer, with the 9-foot 4- and 5-weights ranking among the best dry fly rods we’ve tested. To learn more about which Pure will make the best addition to your rod arsenal, visit

More than six decades ago, KORKERS founder Sherman Smith created footwear designed to help lumberjacks maintain their balance while floating massive old-growth logs down the treacherous rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Naturally, steelhead fishermen—always on the lookout for safer ways to navigate the snot-slick rocks of the upper Umpqua River— took notice, and Korkers has proudly lived up to its promise of “Keepin’ fools from slippin’” ever since. The new Terror Ridge Wading Boot ($180) features a proprietary OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, which adapts your traction to any fishing condition with options that include oldschool felt, Kling-On Sticky Sole, or studs. A heel lock closure securely anchors your foot to provide a stable platform for challenging terrain, making it perfect for conditions both in and out of the water, while internal channels funnel water through the boot to remove excess weight and decrease drying time, thereby lessening the chance of spreading invasive species. Available with your choice of sole packages.