Gray’s Best 2019

Summer Camp, by Chet Reneson

Our Top Choices for Angling & Hunting Gear in 2019

[by the Gray’s Sporting journal staff ]

GRAY’S BEST awards are anticipated by longtime readers of Gray’s Sporting Journal and coveted by hunting and angling manufacturers. The reason? GRAY’S BEST carries the weight of authentic sincerity. Many sporting magazines publish an end-of-the-year roundup of new products. Gray’s publishes a distinguished selection.

Our editors cover areas of expertise and experience—Angling, Shooting, Apparel, and Accessories—and select gear that not only makes good first impressions, but also satisfies during repeated use. We make choices of our own volition, absent encouragement and incentive from the manufacturers. Further, GRAY’S BEST winners deliver on the claims of their makers but also have an extra attribute, an extra something that triggers a tenor of feel, remembrance, or aesthetic and can be defined only as . . . satisfying. Much like Gray’s itself.