Black Forest Baroque

THE CASTLE IN THE GERMAN TOWN OF LAUBACH dates from about a.d. 1250. It’s still…

James Woodward and the Vertical Double

The enduring influence of the gunmaker’s gunmaker. [by Terry Wieland]

More for Less. Finally.

The Blaser F16 is a promise fulfilled. by Terry Wieland

Sweet Sixteen Revisited

The perils of Pauline have nothing on the old 16. [by Terry Wieland]

The Genius of Spokane

THE PIRSUIT OF PERFECTION IS NO EASY TASK. First, it requires the knowledge of what…


THE RAIN HAS STOPPED. The gray, drizzly winters have turned blue, warm, and bright. Walls…

The Model 70: A Study in Aesthetics

 Where globalization and CNC meet art nouveau. [by Terry Wieland]


WALKABOUT. The word comes to us shrouded in Aboriginal mysticism that, for materialistic westerners, remains…

Still-Hunting, R.I.P.

CLARE IRWIN WAS THE MOST AT HOME in the woods of any man I’ve ever…

The Grouse Gun

Ruffed grouse are the most elusive and contradictory of birds, the most fascinating to the…