Susan Slayter King

Susan Slayter King
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A lot of the paintings I do are to commemorate an excellent fishing experience – a particularly beautiful fish. I get commissions from fresh and saltwater anglers to paint their prize catch, often when they've traveled to fish. They send me photos of the fish, the length, weight, location and date caught . In the event that it's a World Record, as was the case of a short-billed spearfish caught off Hawaii, that information is printed beneath the fish, along with its common name and genus-species. Many of my clients release most of what they catch. I think Catch and Release anglers represent the mindset which will keep sportfishing, and fish, alive.

The concept of having a painting done, having a portrait made of a fish, is a little new. People are used to having mounts made of their catches. Although I know that most taxidermy mounts are done from molds these days, they are intended to represent the landed fish. My paintings are a substitute for wall mounts – analogous to releasing the fish, yet commemorating the fight and victory.

It is with respect for the fish and the angler that I promote my fish paintings. When the fish is represented in a "Fine Art" format, the attitude toward the subject is automatically elevated. The subtle impact of a traditionally painted gamefish in your home, when seen by other fishers, may effect the changes required for conservation.

I also do large scale corporate commissions for fish related companies.