Sporting Dogs Have Unique Needs

Take one look at a mixed kennel full of pointers, setters, Labs, GSPs, springers, and English Field cockers and you’ll know that each of those breeds work differently. Some work in short bursts of time while others are constantly on the go.

What makes sporting dogs so unique? Bird dogs, flushing dogs, retrievers, and versatile dogs work in very different conditions. For some, duration of time worked is significant. Running, retrieving, pointing and flushing requires sporting dogs to convert energy from calories into mechanical energy, the kind that fuels their movement. Endurance activities require energy from varying amounts of fat. The longer the run time the more fat is required. Sprint activities require more power per second since their movements are at a higher frequency. The intensity of the work requires energy delivered by carbohydrates.

Sporting dogs burn calories based on the work they do in the environment where birds are found. Bird dogs in the Montana prairies frequently run in hot, humid temperatures. Late season waterfowlers have Labs swimming in super cold water. Dogs used by chuckar and ptarmigan hunters cruising at high altitudes burn more calories because the oxygen levels are lower. Running up and down hillsides, through soft, muddy marshes, and the dogs metabolize a tremendous number of calories.

Eukanuba, the pet food company founded in 1969 to bring scientifically developed kibble to sporting and working dogs, has launched a new Premium Performance line around the specific nutritional needs of sporting dogs. Premium Performance provides four tailored products to suit a dog’s exercise levels and nutritional needs.

Premium Performance 21/13 SPRINT: Dogs that require bursts of energy for under three minutes at a time (think an English field cocker used as a strike dog), need explosive energy from carbohydrates and lower amounts of protein and fat. The Sprint formula provides 317 kcals ME per cup, with 43% of the caloric energy coming from carbs. The protein/fat combination is 21%/13%.

Premium Performance 26/16 EXERCISE: Dogs working for up to two hours at a time (a versatile dog in the fields or Labs used in a morning hunt, need higher quantities of protein to help support muscles and systems, and fat to help supply reserved energy. The Exercise formula supplies 355 kcals ME per cup, with 41% of caloric energy coming from fat. The protein/fat combination is 26% /16%.

Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT: Dogs that work for up to four hours at a time (Labs making multiple retrieves, running field trials or hunt tests, versatile dogs, and bird dogs) require an even higher percentage of protein and fat along with carbohydrates. The Sport formula provides 447 kcals ME per cup, with 47% of caloric energy coming from fat. The protein/fat combination is 30% /20%.

Premium Performance 30/28 WORK: Dogs that run for over four hours at a time need higher fat for long-lasting energy as well as high levels of protein. The formula is designed for sled and herding dogs as well as dogs used in bomb detection and SAR. 558 kcals ME per cup fuels them all day, with 58% of caloric energy coming from fat. The protein/fat combination is 30% /28%.

While each of the formulas vary in protein and fat, they all contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help provide every dog with nutrients they need to perform. DHA helps support the nervous system and helps support healthy brain function. Chondroitin and glucosamine promote agile joints. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids promote a healthy skin and coat, and more. Antioxidant cocktails aid in post-exercise recovery from strenuous work and help dogs prepare for tomorrow.

Eukanuba’s Premium Performance. Game-changing nutrition formulated specifically for canine athletes of all types.