In This Issue – March/April 2018

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Volume 42, Expeditions & Guides


Journal: Agony
Fish swim in our memories and hopes.
by Russ Lumpkin

Humiliation & Redemption
Never give in. Never. Never. Never.
by Vance Sherwood

Some Thoughts on Guiding
Like fishing but with the chance to look up.
by Andrew Griffiths

Ten-Year Tarpon
Achieving a dream and finding it’s not enough.
by Ryan Brod

Who Will Tie My Knots?
The fish wait for him, and I will wait until they know a part of him is still here.
by Mathew T. Burgan


Wolf Fish
by Brian Grossenbacher

A Keys Spring
by Jeff Edvalds

Gaspé Salmon
by Tosh Brown


Landscape: Anonymous, a Lake
Keep on casting, because you don’t want it said, “She didn’t try.”
by Erin Block

Traditions: Fly-Fishing in Maine Lakes
by Charles Stevens Edited by Will Ryan

Angling: Drugs of Choice
Tragedy, maturity, and fly fishing.
by Miles Nolte

Shooting: The Spirit of ’98
A Mauser from Mauser—finally.
by Terry Wieland

Art: Adrianno Manocchia
The less traveled road of the self-educated artist.
by Brooke Chilvers

Eating: Morning Trout
A brunch menu.
by Martin Mallet

Expeditions: The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fool
Fishing the monster bonefish of the Cook Islands.
by Richard Chiappone

Books: Biogeographies
by Christopher Camuto

Poem: Frozen Antlers
by Michael Garrigan

FRONT COVER: Suppertime, an original hand-colored etching, 9 x 12 inches, by Rod Crossman. INSIDE FRONT COVER: “What Ned Did,” a photograph by Russ Lumpkin.