Daniel Porter

Daniel has been a life long resident of New Brunswick Canada and a great lover of his home province, a passionate naturalist, conservationist & outdoorsman Daniel’s work is recognized for its attention to detail and is tempered by his close first hand knowledge and experience with the subjects that are expressed and dealt with throughout his work. Daniel is constantly immersed in study gaining ever more insight into the natural world. Whether a bird taking to wing or the dalliances of light on water, Daniel brings life to his images through a variety of mediums.

“My artistic influences have certainly changed over the years, I have had a wonderful journey working to define for myself what embodies a truly fine work of art, recognizing that this definition varies from person to person, for me, my goal is to be simple and clean in my approach in any medium, providing just the right amount of information to the viewer to be effective in giving my subjects a strong sense of movement and their right sense of place, I consider these components key in the success of my paintings.”

Over the years Daniel has held a number of roles in the fine arts field including that of conservator, framer and curator. In recent years he has become a frequent contributing artist to some of the most prominent U.S sporting publications. His knowledge and experience have developed to make him a well respected authority in his field. Daniel’s work can be found in many private and public collections and in some of the finest galleries in both Canada and the United States. Daniel has been recognized as a life member and life sponsor of the Miramichi Salmon Association and is a strong supporter of many charitable conservation causes.

Primary Medium: Pastel, Oil and Watercolor

Phone: 506-453-7851

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 549 Canterbury Drive Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada  E3B 4M6

Website: www.danielporter.net