Two brothers are about as close as close gets, until, for whatever reason, they aren’t.…


When a turkey’s smart enough and lives long enough to earn his own name, there’s…

Flash Flood

Trapped on an island in the raging waters of Appalachia. [by James Wu] THE WATER…

Of Spring Trout Streams

Precious memories, how they linger. [Article & Paintings by Galen Mercer]


It’s another spring, time to continue our uncertain journeys upon this earth. [by H. William…

Four Hundred Turkeys

Never leave birds to find birds. Right? [by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.] I RAN INTO…

2018 Expeditions & Guides Annual

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Navigating his malicious law in a Down East peapod. [by Tom Hennessey]

The Secret Santee

Ghosts walk and ducks fly where a great but little-known river seeks the sea. [by…


Like the four-count rhythm of a long fly cast, life can be measured in pauses.…

Eight Poems

The best of the best from the Gray’s poetry archives.

Best Days

All of them involve a return to the river. [by Ben Haguewood]