Big Game

October Sundown

Men and women come and go, but elk camp lives forever. [by Robert Ellis]

Rocking and Rolling in the Chinati Mountains

Aoudad as a worthy bighorn substitute. [by Terry Wieland]

Turkey Insurgency

Your orders, Captain, are to find the Commander and terminate his command.  [by Kurt Cox]

Remembrance of Rifles Past

Wherein a sweptback bolt becomes an insomniac’s grand pursuit. [by Rusty Ward]

The Art of Stillness

Lessons from the hunt on living and dying. [by Nels Christensen]

The Bell Project

Two hunter-philosophers honor the rifle of a great elephant hunter. [by Peter Ryan & Roger…

Queen’s Gambit Accepted

The maestro talks turkey; the triggerman delivers.

The Bucket

A place to sit, and watch, and remember why we do this. [By Kurt Cox]

The Bell Project

On opposite sides of the world, two hunter-philosophers honor the rifle of the great elephant…

The April Specter

Calvinism, consequence, and the pungency of desire. [By Reid Bryant]

Lupine Schizo

The Wolf in Fact, Fiction, and More Fiction [By Terry Wieland]