Brett Smith

Most that have seen the classic sporting scenes of Brett Smith have been there themselves. Able to extract the essence of the sport and render it on canvas or paper, he has been at the top of this field for over 25 years.
Born in 1958, Brett James Smith began his career in art as an illustrator working with New York agents on assignments for books, magazines, and advertising art. Twenty-five years ago he turned to easel painting, chronicling his outdoor experiences in sporting art.

As Smith remembers, “back then the field was changing. The golden age of illustration was ending. Photo essays replaced illustrations. It was much more efficient to have in house photographers and graphic designers than commissioning an artist to illustrate.” In the early 80’s, as the industry evolved, he began to submit works to high end sporting publications that have continued to capture the nostalgia of the past. His work fit right in.

Over the past 30 years, his images have helped raise millions of dollars for organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, CCA, The Atlantic Salmon Federation, DU Canada, the NRA and many others.
”I have always loved the classic sporting scene. One that puts the viewer in a place and time that may be gone but not forgotten. These are the places that generations before us took for granted, that are now being covered over with urban sprawl. In a way, I was documenting a dying tradition, a common pastime, that is succumbing to an urbanized society not interested in putting down their technological diversions.”

He divides his time between studios in northwest Montana and Louisiana.

Primary Medium: Transparent Watercolor and Oils

Phone:  985-893-5163

Email:  [email protected]

Mailing Address: 235 South Vermont St, Covington LA 70433