Beth Carlson

Beth Carlson’s sporting paintings, portraits and narrative paintings are coveted by many collectors across the country. For sporting collectors, the excitement of the flush, the beauty of the hunting dogs, the prize at the end of the day; Beth Carlson’s paintings have soul and capture the excitement of the hunt for both the hunter and dog. In her narrative paintings Beth proves to be a witty story teller of a dog’s life. For portraiture her ability to constantly capture an individual animal’s personality and physical characteristics can be directly attributed to her far-reaching knowledge pertaining to animals in general. “She possesses a conviction of accuracy and authenticity which are both necessary and appreciated by her collectors,” says Robert Abbett about Carlson’s work.

Beth Carlson has five paintings in museums; The Field Trial Museum in Tennessee and bequeathed to the prestigious Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, Missouri. She is also a member of the nationally recognized organizations, Women Artists of the West and Oil Painters of America. Currently, Carlson lives on a farm on the coast of Maine with her husband, dogs and horse. She paints in her new studio which was formerly a barn that housed her beloved horses.

Primary Medium: Oil

Phone: 207-751-5288

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 613 Foster Point Road, Bath, ME 04530