The Sportsman’s Galley & Paderewski Fine Art Celebrate Patrick Matthews in Residence

(from The Sportsman’s Gallery)

The Sportsman’s Gallery, Ltd. is pleased to present Patrick Matthews: Artist in Residence, 165 King Street, February 10th-16th, 2020.

Matthews is a Little Rock, AK native who started his career as an independent architect and although very successful, discovered a passion for loose and Impressionistic painting. Matthews is an avid camper, hunter and fisherman and often immerses himself in nature’s elements with paintbrush in hand to capture unique perspectives and detailed beauty. Pat says, "Painting outdoors, surrounded by nature, in all seasons, I am energized. I have a sense of inner strength, joy, and peace I feel nowhere else. My very vision changes and paintings appear on my canvases as though put there by some mysterious force.”

Come witness this contemporary landscape painter create compelling local and worldwide landscapes consisting of distinct texture and bold color. Pat is always eager to discuss his
inspiration and career while painting.

We invite you and your family to visit the gallery February 10th-16th (10am-5:30pm) for the opportunity to meet, greet, and watch Patrick Matthews paint. The gallery is located at 165 King Street, Charleston.

For additional information please contact:

Michael Paderewski
Gallery Owner
[email protected]


Annie Vangilder
Gallery Director
[email protected]