The Bobwhite Film

(from Quail Guard)

Decline of the quail population in the Rolling Plains, its impact, and a solution for the future.

Lubbock, TX — February 18, 2019 — “The Bobwhite” film shares the mission of a West Texas family focused on wildlife conservation and management. Through the team effort of Park Cities Quail Coalition, the Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation, and Texas Tech University, the Kendall family tells their story of tribulations and creating real world applications from scientific research at

Charged with a mission to think outside the box, Dr. Ron Kendall and his team have identified parasites that seriously impact wild Northern bobwhite quail. The Wildlife Toxicology Lab at Texas Tech University has been conducting research over the past three years in conjunction with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to formulate and gain approval for the first medicated feed developed for a wild quail in North America. With pilot study ranches in Texas and Oklahoma, the results are promising for a future of sustainable quail populations.

“This is not just a bird we all appreciate, they are highly valuable economically,” states Dr. Kendall. “The film highlights how quail hunters come to Texas and bring thousands and thousands of dollars into our economy. And as is all wildlife, they are a barometer for human life. There should be a longterm concern from us all.”


The Solution Products:

Quail Guard™ is the first medicated feed developed for treatment of parasitic infection in wild quail in North America. In the development phase this feed has been shown to be very effective in treating parasitic infection including eyeworms and caecal worms in wild quail. Pending FDA approval, this feed is expected to hit the shelves in the near future.

Quail Safe™ is the first feeder designed to target Northern bobwhite quail. It’s a predator proof feeder designed to safely administer supplemental and medicated feed to wild quail. It can be utilized for use with Quail Guard.