Sitka Presents: “Tendoys”

Most sportsmen know that a permit for bighorn sheep is the golden ticket of big-game hunting. Guided sheep hunts typically cost thousands of dollars—if you are lucky enough to even draw a tag. The chance to buy an over-the-counter sheep license, and at the same time participate in an ambitious wild sheep restoration project, is rare indeed. In 2015, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks announced an unlimited number of sheep tags available for the Tendoy Mountains southwest of Dillon, where bighorn sheep have for decades suffered from recurring bouts of systemic pneumonia. Every time the herd is reduced, the few remaining sheep perpetuate the illness and pass it on to ensuing generations. Biologists now plan to eliminate the herd and restock the range with healthy animals, and they have enlisted the aid of both resident and non-resident sportsmen. Sitka Gear’s latest film “Tendoys” follows a crew of Montana bowhunters as they head into the mountains to fill their sheep tag, learn more about wild sheep management, and why the FWP has elected to wipe the slate clean and start over.

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