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Introducing Das Boat: MeatEater’s First Original Fishing Series

The MeatEater brand first became a household name through its host, Steven Rinella’s uncompromising work…

The Other Fish

New Zealand’s lesser-known fly fishing opportunity. [by Miles Nolte] THE WIDE, DARK FIGURE—roughly the size…

Water in the Desert

Not all trout rivers are in decline. [by Miles Nolte] I FOUND THE ARKANSAS RIVER…

Navigating the North Island

New Zealand’s north island shudders with cold, clear, fresh water. Anglers like myself who have…

Dispatch from the North Island of New Zealand

Tongariro Lodge, After the Storm [by Miles Nolte]

The Great Unconformity

Swimming with suckers in the Grand Canyon. [by Miles Nolte]

Redington – Find Your Water “Contradictions”

(a word from the writer and one of the minds behind the Find Your Water…

South Fork Gamble

Playing the odds in Idaho. [by Miles Nolte]

Bonefish Bitters

With a twist of lemon shark. [by Miles Nolte]

Out of Bristol Bay

The other side of the Aleutian Peninsula. [by Miles Nolte]

Doing It All Wrong

Fishing upstream in the downstream drift. [by Miles Nolte]

Buffalo Brothers

This video by Steve Dally features Arkansas natives Ben and Gabe Levin as they guide…