Hells’s Bay + Captains for Clean Water Giveaway

Our friends at Hell’s Bay Boatworks and Captains for Clean Water have put together a giveaway worthy of one of North America’s most distinct and endangered landscapes, The Florida Everglades.

“Hell’s Bay Boatworks was created to go deep into the Everglades–hence our name. Hell’s Bay is named after a really unique and biodiverse area. The old timers used to say it was ‘hell to get into, hell to get out of.’ We created a boat to go back into those places and to be environmentally friendly for those places.”

To help raise awareness about water quality in the Everglades, these companies are giving away a Hell’s Bay Waterman skiff equipped with everything you’ll need to tackle the flats and the backwater bays of Florida and beyond!

CLICK HERE to enter or learn more.