Elk Hunting With David Petersen

Many traditional archers already know of David Petersen through his magazine articles, books, and conservation work. Now, just in time for archery elk season, Petersen is the subject of a fascinating feature documentary from Belgian filmmaker Christopher Daley. If you are looking for a gonzo modern “bowhunting” epic, this isn’t it. Instead, Petersen takes us through nearly four decades of life with his wife Caroline in the southwest Colorado high country. Along the way, he explores the challenges of living intimately close to the land, and shares his passion for hunting the elk that he and Caroline rely on to survive—always with a simple stick and string. “On The Wild Edge” is a moving, eloquent, and at times heartbreaking story, but it’s a film that every big game hunter should watch for the romance of living free and for its highest ideals of fair chase.

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