Avedon & Colby Signature Field Pant


ac-signaturefieldpantimagesGray’s readers will undoubtedly remember the debut of Avedon & Colby a couple of years ago, which won a Gray’s Best in its first offering: the Signature Field Shirt. At the time of initial launch, legendary designer and adventurer Burt Avedon was 90 years old, having previously been a driving force behind Willis & Geiger. He and his partner, Susan Colby, are still going strong with their latest garment, the Signature Field Pant ($244). Using the same bomber construction and fabric as the Field Shirt, Avedon & Colby have given fans of their “young” new brand a reason to celebrate the team’s no-compromise approach to design and construction and their continuing passion for new ventures. Read more on the fascinating life of Burt Avedon in this article from Vice.