The Fish I Remember

The fish I remember from Andes Drifters on Vimeo.

Navigating the North Island

New Zealand’s north island shudders with cold, clear, fresh water. Anglers like myself who have…

Of Spring Trout Streams

Precious memories, how they linger. [Article & Paintings by Galen Mercer]

Bouncing Babies of Campeche

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It’s another spring, time to continue our uncertain journeys upon this earth. [by H. William…

In This Issue – 2018 Expeditions & Guides Annual

VOLUME FORTY-TWO,  ISSUE 7 Last Issue… Volume 42, Issue 6 FEATURES These Birds Are Made for…

Four Hundred Turkeys

Never leave birds to find birds. Right? [by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.] I RAN INTO…

2018 Expeditions & Guides Annual

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