November/December 2005

Volume Thirty
Issue 6

4 Glorious 20th Living echoes of the glory days. by David Foster
8 Catch-21 A man needs to finish his business. He don't do that and he starts to go away. by Greg Richard Bernard
15 Boys Down there in the depths, the last of the wolves waited to take his place in the ongoing story. by Ed Dvorak Jr.
18 Ducks in Paradise A photographic journal. by Dusan Smetana
24 Patent#1756 How Anson and Deely changed the world. by Terry Wieland
31 The Gobbler and the Duck Blind Advice on fashion trends, tick infliction and not getting boogered. by John Hewitt
36 Stereotypically Western Whitetail A photographic journal. by Denver Bryan
42 Making Game Africa is startlingly different. It's people who are disappointingly the same. by Jameson Parker
47 Animal Eyes Learning to sense the way on a trail not yet blazed. by Geneen Marie Haugen
50 Wrong Turn Kings A photographic journal. by Barry & Cathy Beck
56 Cold Snap Out on the ice, realizing he'd missed out on the one thing all his friends had found. by Pete Fromm
61 Shuffle Ice What fly-fishermen who can't afford Patagonia do in a New England winter. by William G. Tapply
65 Traditions: Duck Shooting in the Days by John Krider Edited by Will Ryan
70 Bob Gone A photographic journal. by Ben o. Williams
74 Recipe: Talking Turkey Roast wild turkey, giblet gravy and an un-Americanism hotly noted. by A.D. Livingston
78 Art: Antoine-Louis Barye The gold standard in animal sculpture. by Brooke Chilvers
82 Shooting: The Emperor's New Cartridge The lastest incarnation of the cult of velocity. by Terry Wieland
84 Angling: Locking Up Follow the geese, or tough it out and truly deserve the summer? by James R. Babb
128 Expeditions: Stalking In Vastness for the Bird-Soul of Winter Chasing armored pheasants. by David C. Foster
158 Books: Home and Away. by Christopher Camuto
160 How I Found the Sky A poem by Henry Hughes
137 People, Places, and Equipment
138 The Listing
157 Letters

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