April 2005

Volume Thirty
Issue 2

4 Faux Pas Sometimes the rabbit just has to die. by David Foster
7 The Seer We hunt the images that trouble us from far back in our minds. by Nick Popovich
12 Barra de Navidad A blessedly uneventful account of a perfect morning fly fishing in Jalisco. by Jake MacDonald
16 Scracthing Brown A photographic journal. by Jim Levison
23 One Good Experience Bridging the cultural divide with knowledge, respect and binoculars. by John Hewitt
29 Angling the Archipelago Baltic fishing begins with a blindfold and ends with bonding. by Scott Diel
36 Montana Twister A photographic journal. by John Juracek
43 Rachel's Ghost There's nothing like a Silent Spring to know you off your high horse. by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
46 Borrowed Decoy How Doctor Bob got his turkey, (almost) free if bothersome me. by Richard Yatzeck
50 See Spot Run A photographic journal. by Tosh Brown
56 Traditions: Fishing With a Worm by Bliss Perry Edited by Will Ryan
60 Recipe: Mollusks on the Move A.D.'s Alaska-style fry with notes on modern scalloping. by A.D. Livingston
64 Slovenian Sculptures A photographic Journal. by Håkan Stenlund
70 Art: Distant Images Maybe if it ain't sacred, it ain't art. by Brooke Chilvers
73 Angling: Invisible River Follow your nose to unappreciated fishing. by James R. Babb
75 Shooting: The Road to Damascus Fear and loathing with a twist. by Terry Wieland
98 Expeditions: And The Gun Went Boom New dimensions with the savviest game bird. by David C. Foster
126 Books: Weathered Words. by Christopher Camuto
128 Some Lures For My Son A poem by Robert Claps
106 People, Places, and Equipment
108 The Listing

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