May/June 2005

Volume Thirty
Issue 3

4 Amore Love in a hot redbreast bed, no wind and a fryer that works. by David Foster
7 Dante's Eland Abandon every hope, ye who hunt eland here. by Terry Wieland
12 Peje Sierra Playing the angler's guessing game beneath a moonlit Caribbean sky. by Archie Carr III
16 When the Honeysuckle Breathes A photographic journal. by Jim David C. Foster
23 Dog Snapper They weren't your typical Caribbean fishermen, and the Caribbean fish are grateful. by O. Victor Miller
26 A Ham and Egger Like Me In the role of John Hewitt, Ann Crane and her all-star shotshell review. by John Hewitt
30 Postcards from the Food Chain A photographic journal. by Dave Lewis
34 Coop's Fish Every little boy has a fish out there. And a friend too. by Paul Fersen
38 Down in Michigan Girlfriend of the Son of Big Two-Hearted River meets the Snows of Kilimanjaro. by Pamela Z. Daum
42 Hells Canyon A photographic journal. by William H. Mullins
48 Traditions: The 'Lunge by Stewart Edward White Edited by Will Ryan
52 Recipe: Expanding the Menu Alaska fishburgers, French Quarter Po'Boys and the Yankee lobster roll. by A.D. Livingston
56 Strip to Shore Stripers A photographic Journal. by Barry & Cathy Beck
62 Art: Cultural Heritage Something for hunters to appreciate about effete old France. by Brooke Chilvers
66 Angling: Home Away from Home Searching for answers to life's mysteries and elephantine brook trout. by James R. Babb
68 Shooting: On Foot in Good Country The best part of hunting is seeing, which is best done on foot. by Terry Wieland
94 Expeditions: Brother Batsokh Into the Mongolian steppes, hunting for salmon with the original man. by John Bailey
126 Books: Vicarious Guilt and Other Pleasures. by Christopher Camuto
128 The Gator Hunter's Momma A poem by Wallace B. McCall
105 People, Places, and Equipment
106 The Listing
124 Letters

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