September/October 2006

Volume Thirty-One
Issue 5

4 Wizened A time-tested recipe for the best meal ever. by David Foster
9 When the Fish Crow Called My Name He's calling to say you're boogered good. by Roger Pinckney
14 Anything But Mercy We all get what we deserve. Except, perhaps, permit fishermen. by Richard Chiappone
18 All Hail the Kings A photographic journal. by Denver Bryan
27 The One America's Cartridge becomes a Centenarian. by Terry Wieland
33 Parenting Simplified Provide shelter, warmth for the wurst and ignore all things rhetorical. by John Hewitt
35 Finally A photographic journal. by David Foster
41 Traditions: On Making Camp by Stewart Edward White Edited by Will Ryan
47 Bison Bison A mountain man, a half-stock Hawken and a big bull, just like back in the real days. by Pete Fromm
52 Oh So Cold Duck A photographic journal. by Tim Leary
59 Liver and Onions Home from school back East, with a nostril stud and a disturbing change of diet. by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
65 The Gift of Big Holly From birst, Noah understood wild things and the places that ran in his soul. by Ed Dvorak Jr.
70 King of All He Surveys (Except You) A photographic journal. by Mike Barlow
77 Recipe: Venison without Rosemary Venison chili and back strap au jus with verse and spice advice by A.D. Livingston
82 Art: Spirit of the Nation Animals in the heart, and the art, of Mongolia. by Brooke Chilvers
87 Shooting: The Not-So-Humble Twenty Two Collectors' items for the independently poverty-stricken. by Terry Wieland
90 Angling: The Persistence of Memory Ask your doctor in stalking big fish is right for you. by James R. Babb
120 Expeditions: Fear of Meat A meat hunt turns up an unexpected trophy, thanks to a carnophobic horse. by George W. Calef
150 Books: Past & Present. by Christopher Camuto
152 Forest Noir A poem by Todd Davis
119 People, Places, and Equipment
132 The Listing

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