May/June 2006

Volume Thirty-One
Issue 3

4 Confidence Handicap yourself to make a better "Sportsman" by David Foster
6 Bobbers and Little Boys Searching for generational continuity, one bluegill at a time. by Nick Lyons
11 Full Circle Finding generational continuity, one cane pole at a time. by Paul Fersen
14 Whack! A photographic journal. by Denver Bryan
21 Williwaw "We'll hunt deer and see what turns up. With bears, you just never know." by Terry Wieland
27 Huck Finning What to do when everyone else is fly fishing. by Worth Mathewson
30 Chukar Condo A photographic journal. by Clive Furrows
36 Rev. Terry's Broken-Heart Cure Eternal Flatheads strong to save, firearms breast the heartless waves. by John Hewitt
39 Heroes of the Underworld With apologies to Dante, I found me in a gloomy wood, fly fishing for carp. by J.D. Phillips
44 ¿Tarpon Señor? A photographic journal. by Barry & Cathy Beck
50 Traditions: The Anglers of the Wharf by Leonidas Hubbard Jr Edited by Will Ryan
53 Recipe: Tumbleweed Fare Wild-pig ribs with Indian Fig sauce and two $50 words for free. by A.D. Livingston
58 Happy A photographic Journal. by Dale C. Spartas
64 Art: From Taxidermy to Fine Art. The other side of Carl Akeley. by Brooke Chilvers
68 Angling: Codstock. Greetings from the foggy coast of Maine where even catch-and-releasers have to eat. by James R. Babb
70 Shooting: Art (not) for the Art's Sake. Think of engraving as expensive stove paint. by Terry Wieland
98 Expeditions: The First Ponoichicks. Nicholas floats the whole of the world's best salmon river. by Nichola Stevensson Karas
126 Books: Passions. by Christopher Camuto
128 Walleye A poem by Rich Chiappone
107 People, Places, and Equipment
108 The Listing

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