November/December 2007

Volume Thirty-Two
Issue 6

4 Misses Disappearing deeper into the hunt with each passing failure, each passing gift. by Rick Bass
10 The German Wheels If we could just travel back in time and redo one day in our lives. by Thomas Brennan
20 Elk Train A photographic journal. by Denver Bryan
27 Burying Old Jessie She was the love we thought she'd be. by John Hewitt
20 First Pheasant Somewhere between Seoul and Pusan, the spirit of Thanksgiving lives on. by William Childress
29 Invasion of the Coed Turkey Snatcher A Rose, a Remington, and dangerous dimples from the west. by John Hewitt
32 Fall for Steel A photographic journal by Dale C. Spartas
38 Roger's War Sooner than later you have to go back to the river, to the ducks and dreams and reality. by Thomas Rushmore
46 Embarrassment of Riches Between the reckoning and the doing, fundamental truths sharpen into focus. by Tom Parmelee
52 Norwegian Willows A photographic journal. by Yngve Ask
60 Tabula Rasa The face of the world isn't blank. To the keen observer, reading it is elementary. by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
66 November 22nd In their own way they were both one in a hundred, Dave and that canvasback drake. by Worth Mathewson
76 November Steelhead It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing. by Scott Sadil
82 The Big Tuna A photographic journal. by Tosh Brown
89 Traditions: A Thanksgiving Deer Hunt in West Virginia by B.W. Mitchell Edited by Will Ryan
94 Shooting: Showdown A bison toccata on period instruments. by Terry Wieland
100 Angling: The Several Stages of Obsession. There is more to fly-tying than tying flies. by James R. Babb
106 Art: Where the Buffalo Roam. George Catlin, Karl Bodmer, and Albert Bierstadt. by Brooke Chilvers
113 Recipie: Bison for the Table. T-bones, rib eyes, a hump, and notes on squander and thrift. by A.D. Livingston
166 Expeditions: Pato and a Theory of Relativity You can go hunting and always bring somthing back. by Russ Lumpkin
190 Books: Inhabitable Narrative. by Christopher Camuto
192 Not like ghosts but like the white robes worn A poem by K.A. Hays
164 People, Places, and Equipment
176 The Listing

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