August 2007

Volume Thirty-Two
Issue 4

6 My Father's Dogs The best dogs teach you to hunt. You just have to let them do it. by H. William Rice
10 Nobody's Hero Forty and fifty had been laughers. But sixty? That was something else again. by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
14 Aristocrat of the Aspens A photographic journal. by Denver Bryan
22 Ishmael And I only am escaped to tell thee. by Ed Dvorak Jr
29 Betting on Ann The pheasant hunt ain't over till the choclate Lab wags. by John Hewitt
36 Lonesome Dove A photographic journal by Dusan Smetana
42 Grouse Corner All the nature one man and his dog can take. by Sam Lucy
48 The Secret Spot A Detective Doublehaul Investigation. by Doublehaul and Fiona
54 Bam! A photographic journal. by Clive Furrows
61 Clyde's Quail Wolfe was wrong: Southerners can go home again, as long as they take their family haints. by O. Victor Miller
71 Traditions: Snipe Shooting on the American Prairies. by Franklin Satterthwaite. Edited by Will Ryan
76 Greetings from Mongolia A photographic journal. by Ben O. Williams
83 Checks and Balances Wherein the judicial meets the executive, and the executive listens to Aretha. by Tosh brown
89 Shooting at Sunrise How to settle a range war with a boy and a pheasant and a dog named Hoover. by Ted C. Jennings
94 Shooting: Long Time Passing Where have all the gentlemen gone? by Terry Wieland
100 Angling: A Tale of Two Rivers. Whether it was the best of times or the worst depends on your perspective. by James R. Babb
104 Art: Thomas Blinks. Victorian master of the foxhound, pointer, and setter. by Brooke Chilvers
109 Recipie: Wild Pig Delicacies. Souse and headcheese, and a call for the revival of hog-killing time. by A.D. Livingston
148 Expeditions: Elusive Darlings In search of bobwhites, wild and free. by Terry Wieland
190 Books: A Little Hard-Won Nostalgia.   by Christopher Camuto
192 Audubon's Passangers A poem by John Quinn
147 People, Places, and Equipment    
170 The Listing    

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