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Grays Best

April 2007

Volume Thirty-Two
Issue 2

4 Gobbler! The joy, the wonder, the endless nightmare that is turkey hunting. by Joel M. Vance
11 Into the Dark Revisiting Conrad (and hypothesizing causality) in the Australian outback. by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
16 Arctic Star A photographic journal. by Yngve Ask
22 In Search of the King James Version Mixing your spirits, and intentions, in Zambia's Laungwa Valley by Roger Pinckney
28 Two-Bottle John and Three-Pie Vern Advice on chasing scarce pheasants. by John Hewitt
34 Osceola à l'orange A photographic journal by Dusan Smetana
39 The Winter Face Avoiding seasonal-affective disorder and providing useful veterinary services by Richard Chiappone
45 Night Vision On a Michigan lake, with lions and tigers and bears, oh my, not to mention Bigfoot. by Ed Dvorak Jr.
48 Pushing the Envelope A photographic journal. by Jeff Edvalds
55 Traditions: Watching the Brant Grow Big by Robert T. Morris. Edited by Will Ryan
58 Angling: The Sot-Weed Factor The puff that pauses, refreshes-and very often catches (and worse). by James R. Babb
62 Art: Jan Weenix Master of the Dutch game piece. by Brooke Chilvers
66 One fish, two fish, redfish, hooked fish. A photographic journal. by Russell Graves
70 Shooter: Jupiter's Nuts Honey and smoke, smoke and mirrors. by Terry Wieland
74 Recipie: Unsung Fish Soups and Stews. Yucatán shellfish, African seafood, and pangs of conscience. by A.D. Livingston
96 Expeditions: Gros Saumonm Petite Rivières. Fishing for very large salmon in very small rivers. by James R. Babb
126 Books: Out of Nowhere. by Christopher Camuto
128 Fly Fishing in the Land of Not So Many Rivers A poem. by Gary Ettati
95 People, Places and Equipment
110 The Listing

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