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Local ladies-in-the-know have looked to Elizabeth Grigg to soften their skin ever since her Charlotte-based line of luxurious lotions and sugary scrubs, Picadilly and Tallulah (P&T), debuted in 2005. Well, ladies, now know this: Grigg has officially set her sights homeward, which means living rooms across the Queen City will soon start smelling as sweetly sophisticated as P&T clients.

P&T just released a set of pure soy candles in fourteen different scents that are as completely natural as the company’s beauty products. “The candles are 100 percent soy,” Grigg says, “so they’re clean burning, good for the environment, and good for your family. We packaged them cleanly, too—they’re simple but classic. So many times, you’ll see a fancy candle that looks good on the shelf but not in your home.”

     And their fragrance follows suit. The $36 candles, which Grigg says will burn from sixty to eighty hours, come in a series of bright fruit, light floral, and nature-minded scents such as Nantucket Shore, Citrus Bergamont, Water Blossom, and Ivy. “They’re nice, clean, fresh scents,” says Grigg. “I love Autumn. It’s this beautiful, warm fragrance. Tangerine Blossom is also great. It’s our best seller.”

     Grigg thinks her next product for the home, a line of six reed diffusers ($38 each and lasts up to four months), will be bestsellers, too. “Reed diffusers are really in right now,” she says. “They’re great, because they’re like having a candle without having to worry about burning anything.” The product diffuses sweet, classy scents like Spiced Lemon and Summer Moss and Fig through bamboo sticks. Grigg says she fills her home and office with both products.

     “Scent is important. Aromas bring back memories, they set tones. When I’m feeling subdued, I light Nantucket Shores; when I’m having a cocktail party, I light City Chic. You always want to have candles burning when you entertain, right?” —Melissa Hankins


Purchase Picadilly and Tallulah bath, body, and home products at and locally at Bedside Manor, The Laundry Shop, NoFo on Liz, and Details in Design.

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