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Grays Best

September/October 2005 Print

Volume Thirty
Issue 5

4 Best It's all a matter of perspective. by David Foster
7 The Spurwink It was a place where you could step into the picture and become part of the landscape. by Robert Louis Stevenson III
13 The Line Storm soon it'll be fall, and the stripers'll be gone and the birds'll be down from Nova Scotia. by William G. Tapply
18 The Frostiest of Mornings A photographic journal. by Denver Bryan
26 Bordering on Obsession Hunting on foot in Cape buffalo country. by Terry Wieland
33 Pancakes and Possibilites Mixed memories of time (and deer) past. by John Hewitt
36 Tools for Catching Ducks A photographic journal. by Bill Buckley
43 The Great Bubba Brotherhood Into the hills trek the Yankee, the Anti and the Great Break of Wind. by David Peterson
47 God's Cottontail The race is not always to the swift, nor the wall-hanger to the altruistic nimrod. by Dave Hughes
52 Is it Really Better in Bhutan? A photographic journal. by Håkan Stenlund
59 Judge Not A moral lesson in media relations. by Thomas McIntyre
64 Traditions: That Ten-Point Buck by Leonard DeWitt Edited by Will Ryan
70 Recipe: Safari Fare An African roast, Dutch-oven duiker and your quintessential boiled goober. by A.D. Livingston
74 A Very Straight Shooter A photographic journal. by David Foster
78 Art: The Often Ignored Thomas Baines When political correctness meets Imperialism. by Brooke Chilvers
86 Angling: The Autumn Leaves Welcome the year's second spring, when falling leaves turn into fish. by James R. Babb
88 Shooting: Robin Hurt and the Cullman Project Maintaining game in Masailand. by Terry Wieland
122 Expeditions: Autobahnning with the Jägermeister An off-season quest for the valley grail. by Terry Wieland
158 Books: Food for Thought. by Christopher Camuto
160 The Find A poem by Carol Farkas
121 People, Places, and Equipment
140 The Listing

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