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Grays Best

August 2005 Print

Volume Thirty
Issue 4

4 Blessed The zone between the end and the beginning. by David Foster
6 Lonely for Fire Sometimes you have to turn yourself around to see things the way they are. by Mark Highberger
13 The Old Man and the Roding Dog Tell us, O muse, of two heroes who wandered far and wide. by Francesco Pietra
17 The Gun Man's Perfect Poem A photographic journal. by Jim Krantz
25 Hogback Mountain If you want to find what you're looking for, you come with me and Jack. by Tred Slough
31 Tom's Near Thing Coping with complaints, Philistines and other perils of apprentice wing-shots by John Hewitt
36 Climbing for the Blues A photographic journal. by Lester A. Kish
43 The Days of Our Years More to be desired are ruffs than gold-yea, even in the Great Decline. by Owen S. Cecil
47 Honor Throughout life's ebbs and flows, remember that hunting is all about the partnership. by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
50 Brush-Country Bobs A photographic journal. by Tosh Brown
59 Silencing the Laughter Wherein a Texas bobwhite specialist gets all Kevin Costnered. by Tosh Brown
63 Zeus Dances on the Tolovana Swing your partner round, all decked out in gray grouse down. by Thomas McGuire
68 Manchurian Wonder A photographic journal. by Denver Bryan
73 Traditions: Days Among the Plover by Theodore S. Van Dyke Edited by Will Ryan
78 Recipe: Pan-Am Doves Mexican skillet fare, double-barrel whitewings and the obligatory how-to fry. by A.D. Livingston
82 Art: Time Traveling in Black and White The masterful sporting-dog are of Marguerite Kirmse. by Brooke Chilvers
86 Shooting: Dis-en-Gauged Size don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing. by Terry Wieland
88 Angling: Upland Heaven When tangible meets intangible, or perhaps the other way around. by James R. Babb
118 Expeditions: The Idylls of March An off-season quest for the valley grail. by Terry Wieland
158 Books: Needing Birds. by Christopher Camuto
160 Grousing A poem by Lee Arten
117 People, Places, and Equipment
138 The Listing

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