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Grays Best

February/March 2005 Print

Volume Thirty
Issue 1

4 Showman Sometimes you leave him inside. by David Foster
8 Zen in the Art of Fly Fishing Learning lessons through the year from a quarter-mile of water by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
16 Hot Flash A photographic journal. by Jeff Edvalds
23 Between Hatches Denver, Colorado, 2001, the rivers have gone dry and the trout live only in dreams. by H.C. Palmer
31 The Coot, the Hawk and the Parmanchene Belle Cross-cultural observations on fishing. by John Hewitt
34 North Platte Diary A photographic journal. by Denver Bryan
40 Requiem Every year a trout came and every year it grew, from a nice fish into a tie that would bind. by Samuel Lucy
45 Finding My Breath On a nameless Andean stream, brook trout one again prove the best therapist. by Catherine DiBenedetto
48 Bull A photographic journal. by Carol Ann Morris
55 The Specter at Grizzly Hackle Ascending the social ladder and matching Rumaki infrequens. by Bruce Ducker
58 The Coast Fishing doesn't quite pay the bills, but it's a living. And maybe a life. by James Wu
60 Traditions: The Angler by Washington Irving Edited by Will Ryan
64 Landscape Painting A photographic journal. by Dusan Smetana
68 Recipe: Old Sour A Nassau fish breakfast, a lime-pepper lagniappe and a recipe for a Key West condiment. by A.D. Livingston
72 Art: Winslow Homer. Still the best angling artist in the world. by Brooke Chilvers
75 Angling: Around The Fire. Even in the worst of times, the annual trip is always the best of times. by James R. Babb
77 Shooting: Packing. When you cast for salmon and catch a bear. by Terry Wieland
98 Expeditions: Soft Water. With steelhead, it's a cast, a drift and a beam-up to the Mother Ship. by Ed Engle
126 Books: Fly Fishing from all Angles. by Christopher Camuto
128 Years of Habit A poem by Carol Farkas
109 People, Places, and Equipment
110 The Listing

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