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Grays Best

November/December 2006 Print

Volume Thirty-One
Issue 6

4 Mobley Pond A hunter's tough paradise sans government "help" and tree huggers. by David Foster
9 Names of Birds I Did Not Know Don't cry for me, Argentina, I'll weep for you. And then I'll shoot. by Roger Pinckney
15 Snow Cave Just a short hunt. No need to check the weather or the pack, which always had everything. by Pete Fromm
20 Bull in Heat A photographic journal. by Mike Barlow
26 On the Hunt Hunting is in our nature more deeply than clothing, tools or language. by John Gierach
33 Mallards on Ice Skating on the ragged edge with ducks, dogs and tax-deductible T-bones. by John Hewitt
36 'Tis the Angler's Alter A photographic journal. by Håkan Stenlund
41 Traditions: Geese by Rex Beach Edited by Will Ryan
47 When Shooting is an Affront Hunting camps, like hunters, grow up, and that's as it should be. by Rusty Hughes
52 Way South Duck Marsh A photographic journal. by Gary Kramer
59 Thud's Place Solitude, Byron wrote, is where we are least alone. by David Hughes
65 Recipe: Hardtack Yankee tooth dullers, Johnny-Reb Indian bread and fighting words on fish chowder. by A.D. Livingston
70 Cold Weather Cock Birds A photographic journal. by Dale C. Spartas
76 Art: James Houston Translating ice into glass. by Brooke Chilvers
881 Shooting: Unoriginal Sin When is "collector value" worth keeping? by Terry Wieland
85 Angling: Sailors Take Warning Beyond the Weather Channel, it's you, your ancestors and their poetry. by James R. Babb
130 Expeditions: The Royal Trekking into the Highlands after the true monarch of the glen. by Richard Hirneisen
158 Books: Winter Reading. by Christopher Camuto
160 No Dutch Masters in Bremen, North Dakota A poem by John Motoviloff
129 People, Places, and Equipment
140 The Listing
157 Letters

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