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Grays Best

August 2006 Print

Volume Thirty-One
Issue 4

4 Dog You train it, it teaches you. by David Foster
6 Madeleine's Wood Goodbye to the cake, the balsam, the rush of the wings and the great pine Druid. by Terry Wieland
12 The Most Difficult Shot A high crossing pheasant? A low partridge? Or something far, far worse? by Jonathan Young
18 Wings A photographic journal. by Håkan Stenlund
27 Sage Ghosts Only a fool plans for them. But that doesn't keep you from wanting to shoot them, one at a time. by Pete Fromm
31 Brokeback Bass Pond You don't go there to fish, cowboy; you go for that Leda-and-the-Swan action. by John Hewitt
36 Tundra Birds A photographic journal. by Lester Kish
43 Camp Timberdoodle Breaking in the new guy, way up in that roadless corner of New Hampshire. by William G. Tapply
47 Dog Days Curb those urges, O Dog and Middle-Aged Man, and get thee to the hunt. by O. Victor Miller
51 Crouse Shooting Made Easy How to duck a necktie and avoid becoming one with the wilderness by Tred Slough
54 Dinner Comes Hard A photographic journal. by Dusan Smetana
59 Traditions: Dr. Craig and Another Woodcock Shooter by C. Harry Morse Edited by Will Ryan
63 Recipe: Bogs A Low Country shrimp bog, Korean pig ribs - and a fair warning to copyeditors. by A.D. Livingston
68 A Bit O'The Irish A photographic Journal. by Ansel W. Crawford
74 Art: Joseph Sulkowski Exalting the light fantastic in the footsteps of the Old Masters. by Brooke Chilvers
78 Shooting: Rip Van Reilly. Down from the rafters and back to work. by Terry Wieland
83 Angling: Treasures of the Sierra Madre. Senko? We don't need no stinking Senko's! by James R. Babb
114 Expeditions: Sojourn Montana To find upland birds on private land, check the restaurants and bars. by David Foster
154 Books: Second Season. by Christopher Camuto
156 Southern Gentleman A poem by James V. Davis
127 People, Places, and Equipment
134 The Listing

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