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Grays Best

April 2006 Print

Volume Thirty-One
Issue 2

4 Fishing So, why do you edit a sporting magazine? by David Foster
7 A Friend of the Devil The forests still hold beings for whom humans are merely prey. by Stephen J. Bodio
12 Wading with Harry A photographic journal. by David Foster
16 A Fierce Green Fire Dying Wolf control, wildlife and the wisdom of Aldo Leopold. by George Calef
20 Hallberg's Corollary As the poet said, Snatch the birthday from my day planner, Grasshopper. by John Hewitt
24 Ghetto Trout The search for something wild, beautiful and ultimately sustaining. by T.A. Finnegan
28 Finding Bliss A photographic journal. by John Juracek
34 Turkey Creek Revival For the bird that has died, and is now gone above. by H C Palmer
39 River-God I have my duty-to live as the animal I often forget I am, to eat, keep warm, alive and aware. by Walt Prothero
44 Bounty in Sweden A photographic journal. by Håkan Stenlund
50 Traditions: Fishin' Jimmy by Annie Trumbull Slosso Edited by Will Ryan
55 Hill Country Gobblers A photographic journal. by Tosh Brown
60 Recipe: Cooking Fish the Alaskan Way Campfire salmon, whole hooligan fry and Caddy Ganty. by A.D. Livingston
64 Art: From Living Skin to Visionary Art. The hide canvases of the Plains Indians. by Brooke Chilvers
67 Angling: Birthday Bones. Wherein Brains has a memorable 40th, and so do we all. by James R. Babb
69 Shooting: 8x3. Who could ask for anything more? by Terry Wieland
88 Expeditions: Into the Valley of the Giants. The buffalo was saying, I'm gonna stomp you to Jesus. by Roger Pinckney
118 Books: Blue Water. by Christopher Camuto
120 Thanks Given A poem by Elizabeth Barrette
99 People, Places, and Equipment
100 The Listing
117 Letters

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